Top 5 June Holidays Stay-home Activity Ideas

The school holidays are here! Here are some great toys for you who are thinking hard for activities to occupy that little explorer this June.

Check out these ideas that you can do without leaving the comfort of your home(especially when the weather's so hot!)!

  1. Make a Sunprint Art

    Sun trails
    As the earth turns each day, the sun moves across the sky. You can use Sunprint paper to make a map of the path of sunlight on the earth.

    What you need
    # Sunprint Paper 
    # Box—the open top should be larger than the piece of Sunprint paper
    # Scissors
    # Pan of water

    Making the Sunprint
    1. Use the scissors to make a small hole (approximately 0.5 cm diameter) in the bottom of the box.
    2. As early in the morning as possible, place the Sunprint paper outside in the sun with the box set top down over it, so the sun shines through the hole onto the paper.
    3. Leave it out for as long as possible, until the sun goes down.
    4. Rinse the paper in the water, and let it develop. 

    *Activity provided by The Regents of the University of California

  2. Grow something
    iNbox Single Box -  I Love My Vegetables
    Plant the seeds of early science discovery this holidays! Let your child create his/her own garden and be encouraged to eat vegetables with this wonderful kit developed for children 3-7 years old! The kit consists of a book and 3-4 guided activities to keep your little one occupied for a week! 

  3. Invent something
    Makey Makey Classic
    With the Maker Faire happening this June holidays, it's a great opportunity to spark that interest in our children, open up their minds to creative thinking and make their own toys! This kit introduces simple electronics and more! Access the online guide for more fun ideas for group play! Enjoy!

  4. Make your own KINETIC SAND sensory bin
    Some ideas to get the most out of your kinetic sand:
    SIKU GIFT SET 4 Pretend Play Construction Site

    Use it with your construction toys and brick maker to tell your own builder story!

    School Stamp Set (Upper Case) Stamp and Spell

    Add fun into spelling! Use rubber stamps or Waba Fun's uppercase stamps to make words and sentences the fun way!

     Glow in the Dark Excavation
    In the evening, bury some glow-in-the-dark toys or counters and start digging! You'll be excited to see what you'll find!

    Fine motor sensory play with kinetic sand from And Next Comes L Dot-to-dot Activity
    As seen on andNextcomesL, the dot-to-dot activity is such a great way to build writing and drawing skill!

  5. Start on a craft project
    Image result for arterro craft
    Perhaps you always wanted to start on a craft project with your child, be it making a doll, decorating your room, make a robot, write a story book or complete a puzzle, now is the time!


  • May 30, 2016
  • Gabriel Zhou

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