Help Your Child Transit Back to School

It's always easy to get into the mood for holidays, but never easy to get children transit back to school.

Here's some tips that might just help.

Back to School tips #1: Routine

In the holidays, your children may sleep at a variety of times, mostly later than they are used to during school days. This is accepted during the holidays because besides the occasional tuition or CCA practice, they do not necessarily have commitments that they need to wake up early to.

But when the school term starts, late nights will become detrimental to your child’s concentration in school.

Therefore, your child should start getting into the routine of going to bed and waking up as they would on school days - it can take a while for their bodies to adjust. If your child usually sleep at midnight in the holidays, bring it an hour earlier for a few days, then to 10pm for another couple of days, and finally bring it down to 9pm or whatever other time you deem fit.

Back to School tips #2: Homework

The holidays are an extended period where children tend to lay back on revisions and studying. However, it is very important that children learn time management skills as they allocate time to complete what is to be done during the holidays.

For starters, set an alarm each day, during the school holiday (not just the last week!), that signals the start of homework time.  It could just be half an hour or so, for your child to complete a part of his work. Not only does this lead to the completion of all the work, but it also helps in keeping his routine and setting a good pace for daily revision.

Back to School tips #3: Intentional Family Outing

The school holidays allow for more family time, and this opportunity should be well made-use of.

Take your children to educational attractions like the Science Centre, museums or historical sites the week before school starts. Get them thinking about subjects that they will be tackling in the new school term. 

Alternatively, visit the library together as a family. Encourage your child to read a book together in the week or two before school begins. Encourage and ease them into silent reading time, while giving them a jumpstart on refreshing their reading skills.

Back to School tips #4: Organize the House

On the last weekend, spend time to organize the house for the new school term. Create a dedicated space for your child to store all of his or her school supplies and technology for the new term and somewhere to keep those new toys or gadgets gotten during the holidays to get their hearts prepared for school.

Decide what area will be used as homework space, whether it's the dining room table or the study room.

Just as parents hate to get back to office after a nice holiday, children feel the same about school! Therefore parents should try to be there every step of the way for your kid as he prepares to return to school. Organize the room together, help him pack his bag, check his timetable, and even prepare a power breakfast for him on the first morning. These emotional support will go a long way.



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  • June 21, 2016
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