Inflatable Animal Quest - Stick N Quiz 42cm


A board game with short and animated rounds for a super fun experience. The globe becomes a three dimensional game board. The players must fill a mission by winning five animal cards. To win a card they must stick, as fast as possible, the animal that they identified on the globe and answer the question that goes with it. What's...

Inflatable The World Globe - 30cm


Children will be acquainted to countries, borders and continents through a lens and new understanding of world politics. This discovery allows them to better understand the world, to share and appreciate its wonders with anyone. They can travel around the globe at their own pace and even play with their grown ups! Kids can entertain themselves by asking questions and...

Zoo On The Loose


Product DetailsLead five cute and cuddly animal escapees on a playful adventure until the zookeeper card pops up. Then it's time to get the animals back in place as quickly as possible! Choose the play mat variation to help children recognize colors, understand spatial relationships and pay attention to details, or all-around play to get children up and moving while...

Qwirkle Cubes


Product DetailsThe follow-up to one of the most awarded games of all time! Qwirkle Cubes plays much like our original Qwirkle game--create rows and columns of matching colors or shapes to score the most points--but adds to the strategy because you can roll your cubes for more chances to play the exact shapes you want! Also, because everyone plays open-handed,...

Guidecraft Sorting Tree


Wooden Sorting Tree toy reinforces motor skills, matching, sorting and sequencing skills. Set includes 6 colorful screws that match to size and color-coded holes in a tree-shaped base. Durable construction designed for use in a preschool setting. Strengthens fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination, color and shape matching and sorting. Size: 8.25 × 8.25 × 4 cm Pieces: 7 Suggested Age:...

Guidecraft 3D Feel and Find World Icons


Match the tiles to the symbols! Reach into the bag and find the shape that matches the cutout on the tile. Great for individual or group play. Wooden shape and tile matching game to reinforce cognitive development Set includes 40 chunky puzzle pieces and canvas bag with drawstring Recognizable icons of cultural based symbols Material: Rubberwood pieces and canvas bag...

Inflatable Marvels of the World Globe - 42cm


The shine of this globe evokes elegance of unforgettable trips. The magnificent illustrations teach children amazement. With the help of the Zoom infos they will discover the monuments, their stories, the natural sites and the diversity of nature. Dimension box: 21 x 22 x 2.6 cm Age: 3+

Inflatable Little Travellers Globe - 30cm


To discover continents, oceans, cultures and other languages ​​from our planet. This includes a nice decorated globe and illustrated "close-ups". These monuments, animals and lifestyles symbolize each continent. They can refer to the illustrated scenes on the "tiny travellers close-ups" and find their location on the globe. With the inflatable Tiny Travelers globe, children will marvel at the diversity of the world we live...

Inflatable Political Globe - 50cm


The World Maxi 50 cm This is a large version of the geopolitical globe, original and unique with its pretty colors. It's 50 cm in diameter, more durable for the purpose of children play. Download the game rules

Inflatable Animal Globe - 30cm


With this beautiful inflatable globe shining 30 cm, children discover animals with 172 illustrations. They can thus associate the animal and its place of life. A list of animals and their location can be downloaded from our website. Download the list of the animals of the globes

Guidecraft Geo Shape Lacing


Geo Shape Lacing is a colorful, geometric new look for a classic lacing activity toy. Set includes 3 over-sized geometric lacing boards and multi-colored laces. Children can experiment with color, patterns, letters, and pictures within the frames. Creativity guides are included to aid teachers in fun classroom activities. The chunky wooden frames with reinforced corners secure the boards in place...

Jumbo Texture Farm Dominoes


Jumbo Texture Farm Dominoes are an ideal way to help children develop tactile discrimination and visual perception. Complete with 28 double-sided dominoes with textured animal shapes for matching. Great for visual and tactile skills, games and sorting/sequencing activities. Ages 3+. 12"L x 4"W x 2"H Double-sided plastic dominoes with textured cutout shapes Set includes 28 (2"L x ½”W x 4"H)...