Magnoidz Body & Bones Kit


Contains three experiments:1: Mould a skull2: Build a skeleton3: Mould your own internal organsFeaturesIncludes: Skeleton Stand x1 Human Body Poster x1 Paint pots x3 White Dough x1 Red Dough x1 Paint Brush x1 Skull Mould x1 Bag of Foam Bones x1 Adhesive Strip x1

Magnoidz Crazy Kitchen Kit


Description Spatula x1 Colour Dye Droppers x2 Paint Brush x1 Test Tubes x3 Sand x2 Scoop x1 Funnel x1 Measuring Cup x1 Goggles x1 Features Experiment 1: Crazy Egg Vanishing Experiment Experiment 2: Water and Sand Separation Experiment 3: Cornflour Slime Balls Experiment 4: Carrot Window Garden Experiment 4: Freezing Salt Experiment Experiment 5: Cabbage Ph Indicator Experiment 6: Colour...

Magnoidz Decision Maker


DescriptionThis Decision Maker is a unique & fun way to help make decisions - watch it move back and forth before deciding! Perfect for playing fun games!Features 21cm This is not a toy and not for use by children.

Magnoidz Dino Skeleton Excavation Kit

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DescriptionThis exciting dig and discover Dinosaur Skeleton Excavation Kit is the perfect gift for any child interested in palaeontology and dinosaurs. The kit includes all of the essentials required for a dinosaur skeleton excavation.Features 25cm Kit includes;1 x excavation block, excavation tools, magnifier. Suitable for 6+ years Not suitable for under 3 years 4 assorted dinosaur skeletons to collect

Magnoidz Galileo Thermometer Science Kit

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DescriptionThe Magnoidz'Galileo Thermometer' science experiment kit allows children to make their own Galileo Thermometer with this fun and interactive kit! Learn how a Galileo Thermometer works by performing temperature, volume, and density experiments!Features Educational Resource Booklet Inside What's in the box?:1 x large bottle; 3 x small bottles; 1 x liquid crystal thermometer sticker; 3 x glass beads (40 pieces);...

Magnoidz Kinetic Mobile


DescriptionWatch this Kinetic Mobile spin around & around - perfect for those with inquisitiveminds!Features 22cm This is not a toy and not for use by children.

Magnoidz Kinetic Pendulum

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Features 18cm This is not a toy and not for use by children.

Magnoidz Liquid Hand Boiler

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DescriptionHold the bottom bulb in thepalm of your hand and wrap yourfingers around it. Theheat of your hand increasesthe temperature of the gas in thebottom bulb. The increase in temperature creates an increasein air pressure; the gasexpands. This increasedpressure pushes the liquid inthe bottom bulb up the tubeto the top bulb. When all ofthe liquid has transferred fromthe bottom bulb,...

Magnoidz Magnet Science Kit


DescriptionLearn about Magnetism with the Magnoidz'Magnet Science' experiment kit! Box comes with an educational booklet packed with facts about magnetism.This fun science experimentation kit comes with activities to educate and delight. Complete tasks using items found around the home to help develop an understanding of magnetism. The booklet also details a range of experiments to explain how magnets work, and...

Magnoidz Magnetic Sculptures Spheres

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DescriptionCreate new and exciting sculptures with these sculpture spheres - fun for all the family! How crazy that these spheres can create such amazing sculptures?!Features 15cm Choking hazard: Not suitable for children under 3 years.

Magnoidz Myo Crystal Soap


DescriptionCreate your own medley of colourful scented soaps from a choice of 4 mould, with Magnoidz Scented Soap Kit!Features 23cm Box Contents: 3 x soap cubes, 1 x soap mould, 2 x colour dye droppers, 1 x fragrance dropper, 1 x glitter, 1 x plastic stirrer. Things you need from home: 1 x microwave safe bowl, 1 x knife. Recommended...

Magnoidz Night Sky Projector


DescriptionCreate outer space patterns on your bedroom ceiling with this cleverprojectortorch. You can also keep it on your bedside as anighttorch.Features 25cm Recommended for 6+ years

Magnoidz Paper Making Science Kit


DescriptionLearn how to make paper with the Magnoidz'Paper Making' science kit! Each kit contains an educational resource booklet packed with interesting facts on how paper is made.Impress your friends with your knowledge on paper making and learn about all of the different materials which can be used in the paper making process.This paper making kit contains the tools needed to...

Magnoidz Phonescope


DescriptionMagnoidz is a Science and Discovery brand, featuring an exciting range of interactive toys, kits and gadgets designed to intrigue young minds and develop curiosity. Exploring a range of scientific disciplines such as chemistry, physics and geology, these educational activities are fun, engaging and easy to use. Use the Phonescope with your mobile device to take amazing magnified photos and...

Magnoidz Pressure Power Car Science Kit

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DescriptionGive your child, grandchild or friend a cognitive work-out with the Magnoidz ‘Pressure Powered Car' Science Kit. Kick off the challenge by building and testing the pressure powered car in preparation for the experiments inside!The Educational Resource booklet is packed with fun experiments and interesting facts all about forces and pressure! Learn fun facts about the power of air and...